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Indigo Dye Retreat MENU!

Deep Into Indigo Retreat

Guuuys!  I have to share this menu for our Deep Into Indigo Retreat!!!!!!  It looks freaking amazing!  Jenina Mella is a rock star!  It’s subject to change, of course but it’s going to be completely delicious without a question.

Can you tell I like food?

Retreat details here  Registration form here.

August 26-28, 2016
3:00pm                 Welcoming Snacks & Beverages
                                Asian Chicken Wings
                                Mushroom Tofu Potstickers
7:00pm                 Dinner (buffet style, at your leisure)
                                Asian Lettuce Wraps with Korean BBQ meat filling
Fillings: Rice vermicelli, crushed peanuts, carrot shred, scallion, shredded napa cabbage, bean sprouts, fresh chili’s
                                                Sauces: Thai sweet garlic sauce, GF gochujang, tamari
Beverages:  Wine (6 bottles for 15 people)
                       Fruited Iced Tea
8:00am                 Breakfast available, at will
                                Yogurt, granola, seasonal fruit, quiche
Beverages: Coffee
                       Orange Juice
12:30pm               Lunch available
                                Mango Avocado Salad (with grilled chicken thighs), Almond oil vinaigrette
3:30pm                 Snacks & Wine
                                Guacamole with chips & Salsa
                                Corn cups Filled with Black Bean Dip toped with Queso Fresco
                                Savory watermelon chunks with serrano chili & Queso Fresco
7:00pm                 Communal Sit Down Dinner
                                Baked Fish Tacos on corn tortillas
                                                Acoutrements: pickled cabbage, onions, crema, charred sweet corn.
                                Cilantro Rice
Beverages: Wine (5-6 bottles for 15 people)
                       Frozen Margaritas (2-3 pitchers)
                       Fruited Iced Tea
10:00am               Brunch/Leftovers and Wrap up on the Porch or in the Pasture

Amazing, right?

Whaddaya think?

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