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It All Started With the Shoes

 It all started with these horrible shoes.  
They were just too plain.  So I drew Mehndi designs on them with a sharpie.  
Then my husband decided that he didn’t need this bag anymore and I decided I did need it. 
Spirals out of metallic gel pen this time.
 I realize that these are small, less than exciting projects but they make me very happy.  They also make me look at more things as blank canvases. 
What to do, what to do…

2 thoughts on “It All Started With the Shoes

  1. My first thought was, “What? Those aren’t horrible shoes. Those are awesome shoes.” Then I kept reading. They used to be horrible shoes. Aha! I wish all it took was some metallic mehndi to make anything go from “horrible” to “awesome.” I might have to carry a concealed sharpie and see what happens. That’s legal in WI, you know.

  2. I loved those shoes the first time that I saw them on your feet.

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