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A Meander I Can Get Behind

 Now THAT is a meander I can get behind.  Suddenly I’m over the “it’s just a blanket” thing.  This is very exciting.  I was feeling a little bit down on this project because the quilt was just looking like a blanket.  Super normal.
I am back on track because I got off track, where I belong.
Last night I started quilting on diagonal lines and they just wanted to follow their own path and I love it! 
I’m lollygagging.  As I should be.  I’m a lollygagger and always have been.
I just had to put this short post out there because I’m so re-energized.  
That is all. 🙂

1 thought on “A Meander I Can Get Behind

  1. Hey, just let those lines of stitching go their own way and have fun with your quilt you’ll like it even more in the end.

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