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It Snuck Up On Me

Oops, I made most of a quilt by mistake.  I didn’t mean to. 
It was just really hot out so I was staying inside and I have this pile of denim and I started cutting it up and next thing you know, I have the majority of a quilt top finished.  
You can see how that could happen, right?
It went down like this:
Push all the paper stuff out of the way (thereby effectively putting my binding machine problems on hold.)
Cut cut cut, think think think…
Iron iron iron…OH, I know…
What if I cut them into strips and sorted them by size and color….
Well, that’s kinda cool…
Let’s see what happens if I sew them up that way…
Not bad.  Now if I iron that…
Like this…
Let me just break in here to say that this is when I stopped taking pictures because I hit some kind of flow.  Next time I looked up from my sewing machine. I had this:
I drove my family a little nuts by taking over the living room floor with it and making them admire each tiny detail look at it from different angles.
 I’m all aflutter and in love…also out of denim. 
I picture red backing.  Maybe some gold or orange in there for wild and crazy contrast.  
Then again, I could stick with denim and just quilt it up with colorful thread. 
I love this stage of a project and I’m even happier because it’s a stealth project that snuck up on me when I was distracted. 
This bin of “Crotch and Butt Buckets” is all I have left of the many many nasty old used pants I’ve bought over the years.  I can’t picture what to do with them but maybe, if I’m lucky, a project will leap out at me when I’m doing something else.

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  1. Nice project. I have seen the bottoms turned into bags, check this link –

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