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Monster Monday – Week One!

First Monster Monday Exercise! I got the idea for this (and some of the other ones I’ll post down the road) from Carla Sonheim. She is awesome and playful. I’m taking her Year of the Fairy Tale class online this year and am really enjoying it. 

This week’s supplies: Index card, acrylic paint and a black pen. When I sat down to work on this, I realized that I don’t have any index cards, so I used these index card sized alphabetical cards that I found at a thrift shop. Any cheap, smallish paper will do. 

Optional supplies: A small paint brush, water, a paper plate to use as a palate, a rag to clean up with. 

Paint a blob (finger paint or with a paint brush) on an index card. Repeat at least 4 times on other cards, 8 is a lot, 10 is maybe excessive but don’t let that stop you if you are inspired. 

Try not to have any preconceived ideas about what these shapes might end up as. Walk away. Let them dry for a couple of hours. 

After they dry, it will be time to find your monsters.  Turn the cards around and around, looking at them from different angles. Take your time if needed but don’t think it through too much. Allow your intuitive, non-logical mind help you find them, they don’t have to make sense. 

Maybe a running dog thing…
Nope, I don’t see anything here.
Maybe…I’m just going to check one more angle…
Aha!  I see it now…
When you see a creature in your shape, draw it in with a pen. You can extend the shape out or limit yourself to the interior of the blob only. If you just see part of a creature – for instance – only an eye, you can start with that and see if anything appears.
Don’t aim for perfection. You’ll never reach it.  The goal here is to play and have fun.
Please email your Monster Monday pictures to me and I will share them here. Have fun!
Here are the other monsters I found:

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  1. I’m in 🙂 Just emailed some pics of my first challenge results – thanks for the fun

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