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Monster Monday-ish: Week 5

Monster Monday: Week 5

This week’s supplies: Index cards, a pen and some markers, crayons or colored pencils or any other color making items you may have on hand. 

A few weeks ago, I threw a Doodle Party! at the library. It was so much fun, kids don’t really have any fears about drawing, they just jump in without knowing what their drawing will look like when it’s finished.

We drew (surprise, surprise!) Monsters. I grabbed Carla Sonheim’s book Drawing Lab For Mixed Media Artists off the shelf and found about a bajillion awesome fun ideas. I had other plans for this week but, I don’t care, I’m using this one from the book because it is way fun and goofy.

We’ll be drawing a cubist monster.

Draw an eye on your index card.

Rotate the card around and draw another eye, this one should be about 4 times larger than the first eye.

Rotate the card again and draw a mouth. 

Rotate one more time and draw a foot (or fin or wing or?). 

Now, connect the different parts with lines.

Don’t think too hard about this part, it isn’t going to make sense. Inspired by my fearless Doodle Party! friends, I tried to surprise myself. If my line was headed for say, the mouth, I changed halfway through drawing the line and attached it to some other part.

Then, color it in. Use whatever you have on hand, I wanted to use highlighter pens – I know at one point we had more than one color – but I could only find one. I did use my single highlighter in my marker colored monster.

I only made three, I found that these took a little more time than the earlier exercises. I’m going to make more this week, it was so fun. I’m going to try it with collage.

I was so surprised by my results. They look nothing like I thought they would. For sure, none of them is perfect but, you know by now, that will never be the goal of Monster Monday.

Remember to relax and have fun. Please share your cubist monsters here or email them to me at

I know I am behind at posting everyone’s monsters, I will post the last couple of week’s monsters later this week.  That give you extra time to send some in.  Give yourself and art break and make some monsters!

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  1. These are so awesome! I can’t wait to try it with the kids.

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