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Monster Monday (aka Wednesday): Week Four

Sorry, I’ve been crazy busy like, Woah!  I lost track of the days but I’m back!  I tried to post yesterday but the internet was fighting me all the way.  

Week Four:

This week’s supplies: Pen, Music that you like and a piece of paper (Not an index card this time, sorry). Any old paper will do, I used the back of a print out.


Sit down in a comfy spot with your pen and paper. Play a song that you like. I listened to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, it’s my favorite song right now. Put the pen to the paper and just follow the music and doodle. Hold the pen loosely and don’t worry about how your scribbles look. Try to keep the pen to paper the whole time and just let it flow. If your chosen song is long, you don’t have to doodle through the whole song. Just doodle until the paper is pretty full and the lines intersect all over.


Now, try to find some monsters in your big doodle. Rotate the paper around and look for a shape that could be a monster. Keep rotating and looking.


When you find a shape that could be a monster, draw those monster lines in a little darker. You can add new lines, circles, or whatever works if you think that it will bring the monster out. If you’re having trouble, look for eyes.


Two big circles that are close to each other. Pupils really help define a monster.


Monsters are something I love to find, I tend to look for them in floor tiles and clouds.


I have a friend who said that monsters just don’t jump out to her, flowers do. If you find something other than monsters, that’s great.


The point is not to bring more monsters into the world, it’s to relax and have fun creating. So if you find something non-monster-y, please send it to me and I’ll share it.



Whaddaya think?

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