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You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet lately.  It because my interests are changing…in a good way.  I LOVE sharing process posts on the things I make.  Knowing that I have a place to share all my mistakes and discoveries is actually a huge inspiration for me.  

It’s easy with quilts because, even though I make them up as I go along, I know I’ll be ending up with a quilt.

But lately, I’ve been fiddling around with a bunch of different mediums. I’ve been making all kinds of stuff and I don’t know, when I start, what I’m going to end up with.  That makes sharing the process part scarier.

But I’ve decided, like I usually do, that “What the Hell” is the road forward for me.  So, with that in mind:


Check it out…I’ve been painting cereal boxes…because…they might be journal pages or prints or part of a sign or mail art…something.  

And, I’ve been gesso-ing board books to make…something, probably.  

Playing with goo and paper is really fun.  I do actually have some ideas in mind.  I have some stories I want to tell that I’ll use the board books for.  But that’s something I’ve never really done before and will surely be a messy process.  Hope you’re up for the trip with me.  

Whaddaya think?

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