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Learning Binge

I’ve joined a weekly art journal challenge thingy.  Our first task: Make shapes and color them in.  I can totally handle that.

I made the shapes in one of my found paper journals.  It’s on a shiny catalog page.  The paper didn’t really take the paint well but I like it anyway.

Here it is after I colored the shapes in.  I like using my found paper journals because they are a mess already so I can’t screw them up.  I only used a few paints but I mixed them up together and changed the colors.  I felt like a kid playing in the mud only with brushes instead of hands.  

I’m having what feels like a learning binge.  I’ve signed up for some online classes and am in serious play mode…like always, I guess but this time I’ve got a purpose…sort of.  Anyway, I’m having so much fun.  

2 thoughts on “Learning Binge

  1. That is awesome! I love when I feel so full of creative mental energy! I have a hard time maintaining it though, I tend to start full swing on a challenge, or an online course, or something, but I have a hard time seeing them through to the end.

    Any advice?

    1. Thanks for asking. Are there some things that hold your interest better than others? Maybe there’s a perfectly good reason. Don’t beat yourself up and happily let go of things that don’t authentically interest you. Play!

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