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Super Awesome Fun Times

I had so much fun with my friend and re-treat co-coordinator, Jenina Mella the other afternoon.  It was way fun, most of the time was spent chatting but that’ll happen when we hang out.

She brought over a bunch of doilies for us to dye that we’ll use to decorate the retreat space.


They look really awesome.

doilies and chxThey are so pretty.  I love all the different blues she achieved.

She also brought over some flowers for us to play with.

rosesroses blueThe dye is very alkaline and it was rough on them but I think they look pretty cool and antique-y.

Here’s a gratuitous close up.

There’s something really fun about hanging out and making stuff.


We were very peaceful and relaxed, there was fabulous music and we met one of our retreat participants who happened to live close by.


It was a great time and check out the result!  w00t!!

Whaddaya think?

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