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Sponsor: Quilt Basket n’ Creations

Get to know the Deep Into Indigo Retreat Sponsors!

We have a few and really want to thank them and ask for you to check them out.  They are all super awesome and have so much to offer!

We are huge fans of Quilt Basket n’ Creations.  It’s local to Viroqua and we hope everyone joining is stops by to shop. We just walked in off the street last year and asked Carol, the owner, to sponsor the retreat and she was super open and welcoming.

QBNC has loads of fabric and notions..I’m a sucker for notions and pick something up every time we stop by.

They have sponsored the Deep Into Indigo Retreat with a bolt of sexy linen-cotton blend.  It was the belle of the ball at last year’s retreat.

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Sponsor: Botanical Colors

Get to know the Deep Into Indigo Retreat Sponsors!

We have a few and really want to thank them and ask for you to check them out.  They are all super awesome and have so much to offer!

I was lucky enough to go out to Seattle to learn from Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors last spring. My luggage never arrived and she was especially nice to me considering  I stunk and wore the same clothes for three days straight.

I’ve been aware of her and have shopped from her for years.  They carry many different kinds of natural dyes in addition to indigo. Check them out and tell them Jennifer sent you.  🙂

Kathy publishes Feedback Friday on their blog when they answer customer’s questions and also share many tutorials for free on how to use their various dyes.

She’s incredibly generous (both in person and online) with her knowledge and resources.  Also with the Deep Into Indigo Retreat, she is sharing chemicals for us to experiment with three different kinds of organic vats!  Thank you, Kathy and Botanical Colors.  They are awesome!


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Sponsor: Lynn’s of Madison

Get to know the Deep Into Indigo Retreat Sponsors!

We have a few and really want to thank them and ask for you to check them out.  They are all super awesome and have so much to offer!

The first time I walked in to Lynn’s in Madison WI, I fell in love.  It’s like a store made for textile loving, multi media, stitching artists.  There’s a fabulous supply of perle cotton, wool, linen and every kind of fancy pants thread you would want, painting supplies, gelli plates, print making stuff, books and many, many things that I’m not thinking of tight now to fuel your creativity.  Also, they frame art for you.  I just really dig it there.

The people who work there are lovely too.  They are sponsoring the Deep Into Indigo Retreat with a tasty bag of threads and beads for us to play with.

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Deep Into Indigo Retreat 2017!!

Deep Into Indigo Retreat Westby Wisconsin Shibori

We’re baaa-aack!  We had so much fun at the Deep Into Indigo Retreat last year, that we are doing it again this summer.  The only changes are that we’ve moved to a more spacious location AND the food will be inspired by the holiday happening on the weekend we are retreating: Bastille Day!

Click the picture for more information.  We hope you can join us!

Deep Into Indigo Retreat
Deep Into Indigo Retreat
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I was trying for a ginkgo leaf.  It was a whole lotta stitching, which I really enjoy. Ginkgo stitch

But, it’s more of an umbrella.  It was more of a design issue than a technical thing though.  I really love it.  And what’s better than one Ginkgo- brella?ginkgo

Four Ginkgo-brellas!!!!!!!!!  I love learning stuff!!! Ginkgo QuadI’ll be making more…that are maybe a little more leaf like.

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Like WOAH!

I’ve been slammin’ busy like, woah!  Run run run!  But in a good way.  I’m not complaining.

I’ve had a couple of awesomely fun classes at Paradigm Gardens.  They’ve been full of creative and inspiring people.


They were Mother’s Day classes, though all kinds of interesting people came and not all brought their moms.

I showed a buncha examples
And then everyone dove in and get nice and messy
I made little swag bags with fun doodads in them

The classes were like parties.


I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.


Right in the middle of the classes I had an opening for MMOCA’s gallery night at the Monona Library.

I gave a short talk on indigo dye.

All in all, it was a stone cold blast!!!!

IMG_0614I love being this busy!

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Deep Into Indigo Retreat!!!!!

That’s right!  It’s happening!  We hope you can join us!  More exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

REtreat Flyer 1 - No email link-page0001

All the details here!!!  Registration form here!  Come and play with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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December Rocks!

December is going to be super busy and awesome this year! w00t!!  Check out my Events Page, it’s chock full o’ awesome!!

First off, I have been invited to sell some of my indigo items in a trunk show this coming weekend, December 5th and 6th at the Hillcrest Handmade Bazaar Sale.

Hillcest postcard December Sale

It should be way fun, there will be quite a few artists there and I plan on doing lots of Christmas shopping there myself.

On December 6th (that’s a Sunday and the second day of the sale) I’m going to give a FREE talk at Paradigm Gardens about (wait for it….) Indigo!

I’ll also demo dyeing for anyone who want to see what a super and amazing process it is and (painlessly) learn a titch of history and chemistry.

I’ll have a fresh new vat there, which is excellent because the very next Sunday – which is the 13th of December – I’m teaching a Dip Into Indigo class there from 1 – 4. It’s the perfect chance for you to MAKE Christmas gifts for people.

November Sale - some stuff left for December

Here’s my booth from the Art in the Wright Place sale I did last weekend.

It’s going to be a freaking awesome month! There’s even more happening that isn’t indigo related.  There’s a Fearless Crafter’s Program at the Monona Library on December 16th. Guest Artist Linda Orr will be leading us through making a fabric collage calendar.

Also at the library on Sunday, December 20th, I’m leading a community mending day. It’s happening every third Sunday. We will mending clothes and drinking coffee from 2 – 4.

Back to indigo, I want to thank everybody for keeping me so busy doing fun stuff so I’m hosting a give away in December! Woohoo!!!  Watch this space for details.


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New and Blue

I went to an awesome and fun quilt retreat at the Jones Mansion in Mineral Point WI and had a totally awesome freakin’ time.  I took a bunch of indigo dyed fabric – both cotton and linen – and no plan.  I figured that, as long as it was blue, anything I made would look lovely.


I love improv quilting.  It’s very freeing and fun.  I sewed a buncha squares together and found that I had made enough for two small quilt tops.IMG_4875

My husband happens to have two co-workers who are expecting babies in the spring so I needed to make two baby quilts anyway. But then I was done and had used up all my cotton indigo squares.  Never fear, I had a pile of linen fabric too.  I made four nine patch squares and then sewed them together.  I was inspired to try something that required a little planning by all the quilters around me.


But I can only plan so much.  I started stitching this mandala inspired circle with no plan but to go in a circle.  This one may keep me busy for a long time.  It’s really fun to sew.  The running stitches are actual quilt stitches and all of the embroidery stitching only goes through the top layer.


I will also be kept busy by this little guy who just joined our family.  He’s Augustus The Strong!  He’s named after a Polish King and also the dude from The Fault in Our Stars.  Luckily it’s a name that both kids could agree on, even if for totally different reasons.  I just call him Gus.

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Indigo Classes – Stitched Samples


This isn’t a sample, this is just a yard of blue.  I thought it would make a pretty sky for a landscape quilt.  My backyard vat is getting tired, it could use more indigo. Until I add more, I’m experimenting with the different shades of blue I can come up with.  It’s been so dark, navy has been my only option.


This is so pretty, isn’t it?  Am I allowed to say that about my own stuff?  hmm…Yes, I am.  I love it.



And this guy, wooooo!  Fun.  I like the stitched pieces A LOT.  But they do take time.


Oh yeah, had to do this.  It’s the PG version of my thought process when things are going well,  It’s lighter than the others because a stitch popped and I didn’t want to lose any letters so I stopped dipping it into the indigo early. The more times you dip fabric into an indigo vat, the darker the fabric gets.


These guys took two Lord Of the Rings movies to stitch.  Totally worth it.  I’ll bring them to Indigo 101 at Paradigm Gardens on Sunday.  There’s still room for you to join the fellowship of the blue.