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It’s Good To Be Easily Amused.

The plan is that the rug should be 40 X 40.  
To do that, I need the quilt to be eight squares by eight squares.  That’s as close as I intend to get to saying that I’m happy to have evenly sized squares. 
I did cut two much bigger squares for the randomness. I love the randomness.
So, how do I make it a rug instead of just a quilt? It needs to be stiffer and I’d like it to be not slippy on the bottom. Is there more? I think I’ll just use two layers of batting. 
Here’s my “to sew” pile.  
I had so much fun putting the little squares on the big squares.  
It’s good to be easily amused. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. 
I got halfway through sewing the little squares to the big squares when life intruded.  The finished pile is on the left, to do on the right. 

2 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Easily Amused.

  1. Hmmmmm.. Interesting. As a rug, will you be able to vacuum this?

  2. Good question. I doubt it. I’ll need to keep the backing simple so I can toss it in the wash. Thanks for bringing it up.

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