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Like it’s a Bad Thing





Paper for books

How cool is this paper?  It’s from a withdrawn library book about the ocean.  I lurve it.

Paper for books

It belongs to this growing pile.

Paper for books

Quickly growing pile, that is.

Tags for books

I think these tags would be an awesome part of a book, too,

More more more

This whole pile is destined to become… I don’t even want to talk about it…it’s a little silly that I keep pretending that I have plans for all of my collections.  This is not my only pile of old books.  Not even close.

more paper for books

And I have loads more paper.  People say hoarding like it’s a bad thing.  But, I’ve been making books out of found papers.  Don’t you think that should make a dent in my various piles?

If I’m being totally honest, it’s more likely that making books will motivate me to add to the collection.  I know myself well enough to accept that.  …my precious…


Whaddaya think?

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