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Mathesque Ramblings

After all my mathiness of yesterday, I still ended up one square short, not one square over.  
I made one more square quickly and added it on.
You would think, with my mathematical challenges, that I wouldn’t actually enjoy quilting or knitting but I really do.  I prefer to wing it with both but I still find it interesting that someone as mathishly challenged as I have always been would enjoy something so mathy.  I also enjoy coming up with new words that include the word math in them, apparently.
I’m at least going to finish the top tonight.
Upper right hand corner.  that’s where the last, quickly made square is.  FYI.
I’m loving the look of it.  I just need to sew these four panels together and then I can figure out the backing.  
But life beckons.  I hope to get more work done on it later today.