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Viroqua Rocks! Guest post!!!!!

It’s my first ever guest post!!  By Jenina Mella, who is awesome and who is doing lots and lots to make the Deep Into Indigo Retreat not just happen, but happen to be a freaking awesome gracious vacation experience.  We went to Viroqua to meet people and loved it there so much!

Here Jenina doing a way better job sharing it than I could:

Jennifer and I spent a lovely day touring around, handing out fliers and talking to business owners about Deep Into Indigo; it’s a goal of ours to partner to feature local businesses. So incredibly friendly was every person we met–for 2 girls from Chicago, it’s almost overwhelming!


Lots of enthusiasm and encouragement for indigo everywhere we went! We had a great lunch at the Viroqua Food Coop, where we had super nice conversations with other people dining in the cafe.

When we came out, a horse and buggy were parked right next to us!


Visited 2 local wineries for tastings: Vernon Vineyards and Branches Winery.


Amazing businesses nestled within the beautiful rolling hills. We will be featuring some offerings from both wineries with our meals.


Great tastes await!

Deep Into Indigo Retreat Location! So pretty!

3 thoughts on “Viroqua Rocks! Guest post!!!!!

  1. How many indi-dyers can attend this workshop?

    1. Hello Adodehead! we can comfortably accommodate 12. Feel free to invite a couple of your friends! 🙂

      1. Thank you! I did and we will be there!

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